S6 Trips will be a go in 2019

Smoking Area is an improvement

Investigation into Chlorine incidents is being done

Italian teachers will receive 6 year contracts

2019/2020 S7 ends 3rd July 2020/2021 S7 ends 2nd July

Holidays may be harmonised with Luxembourgian holiday timetable

BAC proclamation location will be at TBD

18th May 2019 School fete

Politics will be a subject in two years time.

Damage to s6/s7 room is unacceptable and action will be taken. (broken couches/food on floor/broken window)


16+ Tickets were sold out!!!

Year 1-2-3 disco tickets will start selling on the 20th November


Hoodies may receive an update in colours.

08/10/18 MEETING

Conseil D’Education

SMS difficulty with teachers and students

After school activities, Eurosport, Possibility of having sports teams accessible to everyone

Parent teacher meetings

S5 test schedule is being tested



CoSup presidency change

Elections for Treasurer and PR manager

Moral in L1

Proposition of starting L3 in P4

Euronight in Luxembourg

More awareness of mental health issues



16+ Halloween Party 26th of October

S1-S3 Christmas

Disco in Lux 1

S1-S3 Valentine’s disco in Lux 1

Prom for S4-S5 sometime in February

01/10/18 MEETING



  • general admin meeting information

  • averages

  • year failures

  • class/year results

  • replaced lessons

  • Open use of absence boards to the PC

  • Brainwise is not effective


Creation of a leisure committee group chat with Lux I and Lux II

Leisure meeting on Saturday (NOT CERTAIN)

Halloween 16+ party (details yet to come)


Meeting on Saturday, any larger scale questions will be discussed at Brussels

PC Dinner

PC dinner, poll deciding where the dinner will be held.

05/03/18 MEETING

Hoodies: 5 are still remaining 

Fair trade pictures should get posted on the website

Serge update: 60€ for the flowers paid (Serge was pretty happy)

Leisure meeting (16+): not very successful only 1 person from Lux I
Start selling tickets next Monday for 12€ (free beer) 
Advertise it well, tell your friends
Treasurers will take care of the money during the party

Euronight 21st April
We got 140 tickets

We'll find a date for a class rep meeting next meeting

12th March canteen meeting
Ask people if they have questions (a post will probably happen) 

Second hand shop ESL 2 

Upcoming canteen meeting

Fete de l'école 5th May
Need of advertisement (posters, social media) 
Drinks, national stands (food), activities
Bubble football, 13 yo or above ?
Working group to contact the organiser and the different companies
Nikola (for the VGC) should get contacted

Careers day suggestions and proposals 

19/02/18 Meeting

Hoodies will be sold again next year
Roses: pictures need to be put on social media
Disco sold the most tickets
Newspaper article: read it if you can
Euronight some years won't be able to be there
Choosing BAC options too early, not possible to do it later
Santa Clausen loss of money
BAC proclamation problem, two people won't be able to be there on Friday, discussion coming later

PC related :
17th March PC dinner poll about the date and if we're going to Jumpbox before

29/01/18 Meeting

PC related:
PC dinner 17th February (poll on FB)
Newspaper PC article for 10th February
9th February roses delivery try being at school at 8 o'clock 

1-3rd year disco HAPPENING ON THE 8TH (19h30-22h 7€)
We need :
• Posters for backstage
• DJ
• People from Merite Jeunesse
• Social media advertisement
• Posters
• Drinks, food
• Decorations
• To sell tickets all the time
Nathan will probably replace Francesca, for communicating with Côté 
Hoodies should come in a week

23/01/18 Meeting

hoodies on the 25th of january (thursday)
give them out friday

price for the roses unknown, usually 1,50€

tournament for S1-S2 (S3)

simple S4-S5 disco

water fountains

IT print list for roses for tonight
list should have name, last name, class and amount of roses

refugee class is now a welcoming class

new bac committee in brussels

issues with mock oral ban and 

cote kept asking if we could do the disco the 8th (thursday) but we found out friday isn’t a holiday, just a short day so it would be bad to have a disco with school the next day
we asked if we could do it on the 23rd of february
cote lost it
inappropriate behavior from cote like swearing and singling out people from the pc
lux 1 has to agree with the disco date

rose posters for IT

cupid delivery:
we need to know their names and timetable
february 9th delivery
need to deliver at the beginning or end of the lesson

16+ march 16th free beer 

pc dinner on 17th march at onesto

all newspapers were sold

6th-7th year room needs to be closed down again


PC meeting 9/1

Meeting with lux 1 to talk about profits 

Distributing hoodies soon

Class Rep Meeting january 16th for all years

Roses email to class reps, ask for estimate

Cupid delivery 

Valentine’s disco

Refund oliver (guy who bought the hoodie)

Need to organize backstage for disco

Europarty is renamed Euronight to symbolize a new beginning on the 14th of april (saturday) from 20:00 to 03:00 at melu
Theme: fancy or none
Estimated price is 20€
Need an estimation for people going from lux 2

16+ went well and it was successful but people managed to get in without a ticket and underage people managed to get in, mainly because of the bouncers

Next 16+ disco is the st patrick’s one at 3 kings

New table for pc room (ask serge’s replacement for new table)

BAC party venues

Football tournament idea (maybe 5€ entry fee)

New PC picture

People getting stuff stolen from their lockers

PC second hand shop fb page?

PC dinner soon

12/12/17 Meeting

- canteen meeting
- next april there’s going to be a survey
- too much food waste: 1/3 plate is thrown out
- campaigns should be projects not just “stop food waste”
- new S1 students get the key last day of primary so they can have money on the first day of school already
- official rule: not allowed to get someone to load money on your key in the canteen but you can in the cafeteria
- teachers aren’t allowed to drink wine with their meal anymore
- period 4 lunch to avoid queue
- meat to salad ratio in the salads need to be fixed
- canteen workshop where people go in the kitchen and see what’s happening?
- when there’s popular food, make more
- more salty snacks
- ketchup pumps coming after the holidays
- more vegan options- some reason they can’t avoid lactose
- collaboration with some organization to avoid food waste- like leftover prepared food donated to homeless shelter
- water fountain in school to avoid plastic bottles would be nice, something to raise awareness of the overuse of plastic

we’ve sold about 60 hoodies so far

Europarty is probably happening at Melusina

22nd of December 16+ at Tilt

Use printer in the library, if you can

Health & Security Meeting tomorrow, 13/12/2017

16th of January Class Rep Meeting for all years

Football tournament idea, after January

Money box is safe and no longer in the PC room

04/12/17 Meeting

Chocolate sales worked Friday, not as successful Monday. We'll sell the leftover chocolates

CoSup meeting: post on Instagram, Video for CoSup explaining what it is BOG meeting: list to be able to contact teachers of any nationalities (e.g. for Uni); OSG : LGBTQ + working group to raise awareness. It would be part of a group for stress control

Removal of business in economics ?

BAC regulations for Spain (and some other countries), marks get lowered

Alumni: connect, identify, support and promote

BAC options in October for June will be talked in the next meeting

Maybe computers for the BAC, e.g. L1, L2, L3, Advanced Courses (except Maths), History, Geography

Legally we can have cameras in the 6-7th years room, but the school doesn't want it

Accredited school's CoSup?

Newspaper for all European schools (+website) is searching after a name

CoSup hoodies: if you're creative feel free to make a design

EuroFestival for European schools in 1 year or 2 years?

Europarty: Melusina 21st April. Cleaning lady? No VIP for more space. Room for people who don't feel well? Textile bracelet instead of paper, should be distributed before the party

Poll on the CoSup page for the name

Printer works with your school card, ask the librarian

Canteen meeting next Monday (give questions if you have any)

Hoodies : we'll be selling them for 29€. People would pay on the website and should be able to go choose from the the PC's website. As soon as we get the answer from the producers, we'll start putting up posters and stuff

28/11/17 Meeting

Posters with social media (for example advertising) by IT

Check Facebook during the weekend to be able to answer about CoSup things

Treasurers going to meet with Lux I to talk about the S1-3 Disco

Jumpbox event didn't work - hard to find an event for S4-5: tell them at the next class rep meeting

Maybe open it to all years from the beginning next time

Europarty in Melu or White

School Hoodies small logo on the chest "In Varietate Concordiam" on the back

January is the fastest they can do

As soon as we get a response from the hoodies company treasurers will start doing the website to get the hoodies

No refund policy

S6-7 room completely destroyed, if we close it it will be a disadvantage to people that did not destroy it. Put up even more posters up on the door saying "Stop vandalism" or something. Tell people to stop being idiots and vandalizing a room they spend a lot of their time in

Disco S1-3: 8 of feb? Need to make sure we can organize it

Printer in library is being done but have problems with starting multi annual school plan + surveys administrative board meeting/22 of Jan

Bac proclamation not enough space more discussions

Christmas sale going to sell small chocolates

Hooks in toilet going to happen

WiFi works apparently

20/11/17 Meeting

Jumpbox : no one is interested so all years will be able to go - convince your friends to go!

Den Atelier Europarty option needs more info about the party

Hoodie logo winner : Alessia Corbo. Meeting with her as soon as possible to decide how to do the hoodie: small logo in front + something bigger on the back Colours : black, grey, blue, white, khaki? Company : Actionline

PC hoodies ready

Admin meeting: Hooks in the toilets, printer will hopefully be ready soon, first aid courses might be implemented

S6 could may talk about their options to S5 during

Careers Day

Salting the road for people walking from Bertrange + ash trays in smoking areas

14/11/17 Meeting

S1-S3 disco was pretty successful, replacement for backstage, next disco will be in February

Look at venues for Europarty

S4-S5 event is already booked 24th november 16€ per person

Booked for 45-50 people a stand to sign up for it every 20 min break starting tomorrow

Posters will be put up tomorrow + a post needs to be made on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook

Logo n4 will be replaced by another one

Instagram: pictures of the logos will be posted  + rules (all in one post). People will like comments saying “logo 1, logo 2” etc.

The first logo will be replaced on the top five by the second

06/11/17 Meeting

Trampoline event for S4-5 : 24th or 25th November Maybe around 15 o'clock: people should probably pay before going (otherwise they might not come), max 70 people, people are going to have to sign a insurance paper

Europarty in Luxembourg helped by CoSup Leisure will look at different possible venues

Alumni : Kind of social network for people who've passed the european BAC Survey 3 years after the BAC about the way(s) the BAC has helped you in Uni, etc. PC related : 20 badges for 16+ "Staff" so that clubs can recognize PC members

PC hoodies : grey rules School hoodies' logo Discussion about the selection will happen on Facebook

Money blocked in the safe and on the PayPal account 18th November "PC day" jumpbox (trampoline) in the afternoon then dinner (EVERYONE SHOULD VOTE) - time to be decided


24/10/17 Meeting

Christmas 16+ party 22nd December

PC hoodies, logo has been chosen, colors will be voted for Meeting with admin after the holidays

Printer in the library

More furniture the 6th-7th year room Fairtrade : Mrs. Disalvatore wants to order the exact amount of roses and she wants to know the amount by the Friday after the holidays

Pictures of old pupils’ committee on the PC room wall

Ashtrays outside

Air conditioning in the library

Cafeteria: list of ingredients, more salty snacks

More soaps in the toilets

More vending machines and water fountains (in sports building)

Turn down heat

Turn leftover food into compost

16/10/17 Meeting

Hoodies, socks and caps

Euroschool app

Teacher absences on SMS

Like the CoSup Facebook page/share it

Europarty problems last year, plus Europarty in Luxembourg - Leisure is Hosting it but CoSup is doing most of the work

New name for Europarty ideas

External examiners correcting the Bacs, not your teacher (before your teacher + external) European School newspaper/website for all european schools

PC hoodies designs, color grey/black/blue and another color

Hoodie logo competition organization Instagram page for PC