03/10/2016 Meeting


  • CoSup needs dates for joint teaching committee
  • There are high chances that Europarty 2017 is held in Luxembourg (perhaps in the north)
  • CoSup will ask how other schools hold presidential elections, the official procedure states that the president of the Pupil's Committees is elected by all the secondary students.

Potential projects

  • School Hoodies (both for PC and the school)
  • New furniture for the 6th and 7th year room
  • 4th- 5th year barbecue
  • School app

16+ party

  • The first 16+ party will be held at Marx on the 28th. It will last till 6am.

Committee-related discussions

  • Discussions on joining our logo with Kirchberg's one or making a new
  • Class rep meeting to be organised around 24th-25th
  • Snapchat account to be advertised
  • The first PC dinner will be separate from Kirchberg
  • The 2 treasurers will check financial situation