6/12/16 Meeting

CoSup (Conseil Supérieur des Élèves)

  • Discussions for changing the ICT and Sport lessons to be a 4-periods subjects for s6 and s7
  • Europarty was discussed during the CoSup meeting
  • Bring CoSup to accredited schools (in progress)
  • Talks for CoSup hoodies
  • The next CoSup meeting will be held in the European School of Mamer
  • Harmonization of maths and physics
  • Europarty privatization problem in clubs

School-related discussions

  • Creation of an association website to help in organising 6th year trips.
  • Eurosport to be promoted and explained on the Pupil's Committee website.
  • Addition of a calendar containing all school events on either the school's or Pupil's Committee website.
  • We need to create posters for the fête de l'école (13 may). 
  • Video Game Competition (VGC) to be organised in January or February. 
  • Desk evaluation in June
  • Very probable to get IKEA furniture for the 6th/7th year room.