12/12/17 Meeting

- canteen meeting
- next april there’s going to be a survey
- too much food waste: 1/3 plate is thrown out
- campaigns should be projects not just “stop food waste”
- new S1 students get the key last day of primary so they can have money on the first day of school already
- official rule: not allowed to get someone to load money on your key in the canteen but you can in the cafeteria
- teachers aren’t allowed to drink wine with their meal anymore
- period 4 lunch to avoid queue
- meat to salad ratio in the salads need to be fixed
- canteen workshop where people go in the kitchen and see what’s happening?
- when there’s popular food, make more
- more salty snacks
- ketchup pumps coming after the holidays
- more vegan options- some reason they can’t avoid lactose
- collaboration with some organization to avoid food waste- like leftover prepared food donated to homeless shelter
- water fountain in school to avoid plastic bottles would be nice, something to raise awareness of the overuse of plastic

we’ve sold about 60 hoodies so far

Europarty is probably happening at Melusina

22nd of December 16+ at Tilt

Use printer in the library, if you can

Health & Security Meeting tomorrow, 13/12/2017

16th of January Class Rep Meeting for all years

Football tournament idea, after January

Money box is safe and no longer in the PC room