06/11/17 Meeting

Trampoline event for S4-5 : 24th or 25th November Maybe around 15 o'clock: people should probably pay before going (otherwise they might not come), max 70 people, people are going to have to sign a insurance paper

Europarty in Luxembourg helped by CoSup Leisure will look at different possible venues

Alumni : Kind of social network for people who've passed the european BAC Survey 3 years after the BAC about the way(s) the BAC has helped you in Uni, etc. PC related : 20 badges for 16+ "Staff" so that clubs can recognize PC members

PC hoodies : grey rules School hoodies' logo Discussion about the selection will happen on Facebook

Money blocked in the safe and on the PayPal account 18th November "PC day" jumpbox (trampoline) in the afternoon then dinner (EVERYONE SHOULD VOTE) - time to be decided