28/11/17 Meeting

Posters with social media (for example advertising) by IT

Check Facebook during the weekend to be able to answer about CoSup things

Treasurers going to meet with Lux I to talk about the S1-3 Disco

Jumpbox event didn't work - hard to find an event for S4-5: tell them at the next class rep meeting

Maybe open it to all years from the beginning next time

Europarty in Melu or White

School Hoodies small logo on the chest "In Varietate Concordiam" on the back

January is the fastest they can do

As soon as we get a response from the hoodies company treasurers will start doing the website to get the hoodies

No refund policy

S6-7 room completely destroyed, if we close it it will be a disadvantage to people that did not destroy it. Put up even more posters up on the door saying "Stop vandalism" or something. Tell people to stop being idiots and vandalizing a room they spend a lot of their time in

Disco S1-3: 8 of feb? Need to make sure we can organize it

Printer in library is being done but have problems with starting multi annual school plan + surveys administrative board meeting/22 of Jan

Bac proclamation not enough space more discussions

Christmas sale going to sell small chocolates

Hooks in toilet going to happen

WiFi works apparently