04/12/17 Meeting

Chocolate sales worked Friday, not as successful Monday. We'll sell the leftover chocolates

CoSup meeting: post on Instagram, Video for CoSup explaining what it is BOG meeting: list to be able to contact teachers of any nationalities (e.g. for Uni); OSG : LGBTQ + working group to raise awareness. It would be part of a group for stress control

Removal of business in economics ?

BAC regulations for Spain (and some other countries), marks get lowered

Alumni: connect, identify, support and promote

BAC options in October for June will be talked in the next meeting

Maybe computers for the BAC, e.g. L1, L2, L3, Advanced Courses (except Maths), History, Geography

Legally we can have cameras in the 6-7th years room, but the school doesn't want it

Accredited school's CoSup?

Newspaper for all European schools (+website) is searching after a name

CoSup hoodies: if you're creative feel free to make a design

EuroFestival for European schools in 1 year or 2 years?

Europarty: Melusina 21st April. Cleaning lady? No VIP for more space. Room for people who don't feel well? Textile bracelet instead of paper, should be distributed before the party

Poll on the CoSup page for the name

Printer works with your school card, ask the librarian

Canteen meeting next Monday (give questions if you have any)

Hoodies : we'll be selling them for 29€. People would pay on the website and should be able to go choose from the the PC's website. As soon as we get the answer from the producers, we'll start putting up posters and stuff