PC meeting 9/1

Meeting with lux 1 to talk about profits 

Distributing hoodies soon

Class Rep Meeting january 16th for all years

Roses email to class reps, ask for estimate

Cupid delivery 

Valentine’s disco

Refund oliver (guy who bought the hoodie)

Need to organize backstage for disco

Europarty is renamed Euronight to symbolize a new beginning on the 14th of april (saturday) from 20:00 to 03:00 at melu
Theme: fancy or none
Estimated price is 20€
Need an estimation for people going from lux 2

16+ went well and it was successful but people managed to get in without a ticket and underage people managed to get in, mainly because of the bouncers

Next 16+ disco is the st patrick’s one at 3 kings

New table for pc room (ask serge’s replacement for new table)

BAC party venues

Football tournament idea (maybe 5€ entry fee)

New PC picture

People getting stuff stolen from their lockers

PC second hand shop fb page?

PC dinner soon