23/01/18 Meeting

hoodies on the 25th of january (thursday)
give them out friday

price for the roses unknown, usually 1,50€

tournament for S1-S2 (S3)

simple S4-S5 disco

water fountains

IT print list for roses for tonight
list should have name, last name, class and amount of roses

refugee class is now a welcoming class

new bac committee in brussels

issues with mock oral ban and 

cote kept asking if we could do the disco the 8th (thursday) but we found out friday isn’t a holiday, just a short day so it would be bad to have a disco with school the next day
we asked if we could do it on the 23rd of february
cote lost it
inappropriate behavior from cote like swearing and singling out people from the pc
lux 1 has to agree with the disco date

rose posters for IT

cupid delivery:
we need to know their names and timetable
february 9th delivery
need to deliver at the beginning or end of the lesson

16+ march 16th free beer 

pc dinner on 17th march at onesto

all newspapers were sold

6th-7th year room needs to be closed down again