05/03/18 MEETING

Hoodies: 5 are still remaining 

Fair trade pictures should get posted on the website

Serge update: 60€ for the flowers paid (Serge was pretty happy)

Leisure meeting (16+): not very successful only 1 person from Lux I
Start selling tickets next Monday for 12€ (free beer) 
Advertise it well, tell your friends
Treasurers will take care of the money during the party

Euronight 21st April
We got 140 tickets

We'll find a date for a class rep meeting next meeting

12th March canteen meeting
Ask people if they have questions (a post will probably happen) 

Second hand shop ESL 2 

Upcoming canteen meeting

Fete de l'école 5th May
Need of advertisement (posters, social media) 
Drinks, national stands (food), activities
Bubble football, 13 yo or above ?
Working group to contact the organiser and the different companies
Nikola (for the VGC) should get contacted

Careers day suggestions and proposals