19/04/16 Meeting


  • For unknown reasons, M Club cancelled the booking for the 16+ party
  • Marx have agreed to host the party
  • Marx will remain open until 6 AM
  • Entry tickets will cost 10€
  • A Facebook event page will be created today
  • We'll a barbecue
  • We'll all need to help out at the party
  • There might be a procedure to kick out underaged kids


  • There are discussions of organising a event for the 4th and 5th years:
    • The event would be at the field behind the school
    • No alcohol
    • The 7th years will be present to help and look after them
    • There might be a barbecue
    • The event might be this year in mid-June


  • The delivery in May
  • The original logo has been slightly modified by the company due to due to printing issues


  • The refugees have Jumbokaart for public transport
  • Inclusion.lu is rebuilding computers and could give some to the refugees
  • A Farsi piano teachers has volunteered
  • There are discussions for finding ways of integrating the refugees through sport, dance or even drama
  • There is going to be a cultural integration meeting this Friday (23/04/16) for the volunteers


  • The APEEE haven't replied yet about Runa's project for solar panels


  • The organisation meeting have been postponed

5/4/2016 Meeting


  • Contact with Action line and they said that the logo would feel too heavy because of the amount of paint. They gave us a proposition of a new logo.  We showed it to Victor disapproved it and said he will try to make a new logo.
  • Selling them online 25€


  • Postponed to the Fête de l’école.
  • Nikola need to contact Mr. Hedberg.
  • Kirch is supplying the event and the Fête de l’école

Fete de l’école

  • We are having a private space for our activities.
  • Working group : Antonio, Emilia, Olivia, Lucas
  • Sports event will be organised

Tutoring for IAS

  • Tutoring application have already been sent to the admin, you can still apply. The tutoring classes start on the 15th of April


  • Still discussing where to put DirectDemocracy's posters permanently.
  • The Pupil's Committee website will also be promoted.

Pupil's Committee dinner

  • 16th April at 20:00

Eye Contact experiment

  • Laura has to email the Josy Barthel's headmaster


  • Jasmine is going for Vice president and Param is evaluating the risk