6/12/16 Meeting

CoSup (Conseil Supérieur des Élèves)

  • Discussions for changing the ICT and Sport lessons to be a 4-periods subjects for s6 and s7
  • Europarty was discussed during the CoSup meeting
  • Bring CoSup to accredited schools (in progress)
  • Talks for CoSup hoodies
  • The next CoSup meeting will be held in the European School of Mamer
  • Harmonization of maths and physics
  • Europarty privatization problem in clubs

School-related discussions

  • Creation of an association website to help in organising 6th year trips.
  • Eurosport to be promoted and explained on the Pupil's Committee website.
  • Addition of a calendar containing all school events on either the school's or Pupil's Committee website.
  • We need to create posters for the fête de l'école (13 may). 
  • Video Game Competition (VGC) to be organised in January or February. 
  • Desk evaluation in June
  • Very probable to get IKEA furniture for the 6th/7th year room.  

28/11/16 Meeting

School-related discussions

  • A meeting between class representatives, the school's administration and some pupil's committee members will be organised this Wednesday (30/11/2016) from 10h20 to 12h15 in the salles des fetes.
  •  "Learning gateway" passwords will be distributed to 7th years this Tuesday
  • The committee will start discussions for installing different internet browser than internet explorer on school computers
  • PC hoodies school drawing on the back removed ?
  • (CoSup) DirectDemocracy will be proposed for other European schools

Library meeting with Internal Committee

  • The suggestion for having printers available for students was appreciated by the library staff. Therefore, there are still some points to discuss (supervision and badge system) .
  • As the newspapers tables in the s1 to s3 side of the library aren't widely used, there are discussions for replacing them with iPads.
  • Opening hours will be extended for providing more accessibility to the database.
  • Proposition to subscribe to paper newspapers

16+ parties

  • 16+ party buses/taxi being rent
  • Less than 10€ tickets for parties

Pupil's committee-related discussions

  • Pictures from older PC committees to be handed in the PC room

22/11/16 Meeting


  • The Pupil's Committee will create and add (funny/ironic) posters about vandalism in the 6th and 7th year room.
  • Ongoing discussions for printers to be be available for students with a paying system
    (Follow the DirectDemocracy suggestion: https://directdemocracy.online/proposition/87)


  • The code of the safe was changed
  • A third key for the money boxes will be given to the president of the committee.
  • Discussions for having Leisure committee "membership cards" so that people going to the parties organised by the committees (i.e. during discos, 16+, ...) can recognise them.

14/11/16 Meeting

School-related discussions

  • Bring up camera suggestion for 6th and 7th year room to the next administration meeting

Class representatives

  • Class Representatives Assemblies will take place this Wednesday (16 November), Thursday (17 November) and Friday (18 November)

Committee-related discussions

  • (for future reference): more help from other members of the committee is needed to sell tickets during breaks
  • Leisure Committee: for future events - cloakroom: putting down the first letter of names in addition to numbers
  • Money was lost on the 16+ party
  • The agenda of the weekly meetings will be posted on the committee's closed Facebook group.
  • Members of the committee are must check the Facebook group more regularly as big decisions could be made this way (polls, ...)
  • PC might organise drink stand at Christmas market this Saturday (19 November)


03/10/2016 Meeting


  • CoSup needs dates for joint teaching committee
  • There are high chances that Europarty 2017 is held in Luxembourg (perhaps in the north)
  • CoSup will ask how other schools hold presidential elections, the official procedure states that the president of the Pupil's Committees is elected by all the secondary students.

Potential projects

  • School Hoodies (both for PC and the school)
  • New furniture for the 6th and 7th year room
  • 4th- 5th year barbecue
  • School app

16+ party

  • The first 16+ party will be held at Marx on the 28th. It will last till 6am.

Committee-related discussions

  • Discussions on joining our logo with Kirchberg's one or making a new
  • Class rep meeting to be organised around 24th-25th
  • Snapchat account to be advertised
  • The first PC dinner will be separate from Kirchberg
  • The 2 treasurers will check financial situation