14/11/16 Meeting

School-related discussions

  • Bring up camera suggestion for 6th and 7th year room to the next administration meeting

Class representatives

  • Class Representatives Assemblies will take place this Wednesday (16 November), Thursday (17 November) and Friday (18 November)

Committee-related discussions

  • (for future reference): more help from other members of the committee is needed to sell tickets during breaks
  • Leisure Committee: for future events - cloakroom: putting down the first letter of names in addition to numbers
  • Money was lost on the 16+ party
  • The agenda of the weekly meetings will be posted on the committee's closed Facebook group.
  • Members of the committee are must check the Facebook group more regularly as big decisions could be made this way (polls, ...)
  • PC might organise drink stand at Christmas market this Saturday (19 November)